Russell Chatham Lithographs for Sale

Russell Chatham lived in Livingston, Montana from the spring of 1972 to 2011. He is regarded as one of the world's foremost lithographers, favored by esteemed public and private collectors.

Russell Chatham’s. . . career as a landscape painter is an essay in the continuing possibilities of an art that directs its attention to the world at large, and his work reminds us that landscape is the original modernist genre. As an artist, Chatham has learned to tap the spirit world that lingers in each of us, but he shapes his moods quietly, without resorting to bombast or sentiment.  --Chris Waddington


mammoth 2  pond in fading light chatham 

Mammoth Hot Springs in March

Original Lithograph - 1993

22 X 26 - 18 Plates

Edition of 325 with 25 artist's proofs

$6,000 unframed 

free shipping within continental US

Pond in Fading Light

Original Lithograph - 1992 16 X 20 - 26 Plates

Edition of 275 with 25 Artist's Proofs

$4,000 framed (25 X 29)

free shipping within continental US

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